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Vista Speech Recognition Rocks Big Time

Thursday, July 12, 2007
A little video that shows us how freaking easy it actually is to work with Vista's Speech Recognition Software. Keyboards are so gone, dudes.

So gone...

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MS Photosynth demo

Wednesday, July 4, 2007
I know Apple rules and all but Microsoft has got some pretty cool projects too.
Just check out the way they manage to create some really rockin' multidimensional spaces with super zoom and navigation features just by 'linking' pictures together. The responsible for this nifty new tool is a guy called Blaise Aguera y Arcas. And this Photosynth Thingy is like the Michael Jordan of all pictures slide show!

Cool huh...?

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"Kitt... come and get me"

Sunday, June 17, 2007
We are now closer than ever to be hearing this line again! Please, keep those guns away from your mouths, though... I'm not talking about a new Knight Rider series. All I'm talking about is the cute little blue Volkswagen from Stanford: Junior. The robot-car recently graduated on his first basic driving test, and is now headed for bigger challenges! A race on mock city streets. I have to say, I never liked artificial intelligence driven cars (as seen in computer games). Remember that the one thing that keeps us from driving recklessly is the fact that we have our life on the line all the time while driving. Machines don't care (just play "Driver" and watch those cops ramming you with no care for their passenger's 'lives'). On the other hand, I do take some glee in knowing that human taxi drivers are now doomed and will face extinction! I mean, even a robot can't possibly drive worse than them...

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Apple FTW

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I don't know what's happening lately, but everywhere I turn i see some Apple related product-news-hype-ad something! Even this blog has its share of Apple hype. Apple iPhone, iPod, iBook, i wonder... where is this resurrected company going?? Kudos to them for this 'reborn out of their own ashes' move. Here are some of the latest Apple related headlines:

iPhone, developer friendly... someday
Explore Safari on Windows
How to get an iPhone, by Steve jobs

...an Apple a day keeps my pockets empty of change.

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Americans are F-U-N-N-Y

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm not even gonna bother to give you guys an explanation. Just watch the clip.

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I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Genomes that is. The hype in internet sharing is not each own's private parts anymore. I predict that in a few years time, all the lets-make-friends online services will not be about sharing glamorous or revealing photographs of ourselves, but it will be all about showing our secret genes to our friends. Dr. James D. Watson has now started it. After his genome was decoded, he has decided to share it with all the researchers around the world. Well, not his whole genome... There are some parts that he decided to keep away from the public... And this is where this gets interesting. Watson has decided to not reveal "his apolipoprotein E gene, the status of which he does not wish to know because it predisposes a person toward Alzheimer's disease." ...His "private parts" genes. This will bring us to a whole new discussion. A complete genome of yourself will expose all your imperfections. And it would empower people to scorn you around with scientific backing! I can already hear the shouts in future kindergartens: "Your dad is likely to become bald! And he has smelly feet! Its all in is vitaminic ABC genes! Ha-ha" ... Oh the kids these days...

The question now is: Which genes will be your "private parts"?

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So much time...

Friday, June 1, 2007
So Nathan saves New York by flying Peter to the stratosphere as Hiro meets with Takezo Kensei face to face, Locke kills Naomi but Jack still gets through to whoever is on 'the ship', Michael and Mahone look at each other before being thrown into fearsome Sona and Kellermann's good deed gets him dead... or does it?
We wont know what happens next, not until next autumn and maybe even next year!
Why is it that we wait so much for these things? Why is it that we can get so hooked on stuff we cant control? Why is it that they know exactly how to make us go mad with anticipation? These guys are good. So good! And I guess it's ok for us to wait right? I mean we wouldn't want to rush those guys, it's our entertainment they're messing with, so they might as well take their sweet time and make it extra cool for us.
But it just sucks ass that we have to wait so damn long! AAHHH!

I was going to put quote about patience here... but I just wasnt about to waste my precious time searching for one that said what I felt. Tough luck!

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